Why work with me? 

Copywriting is an art - like cooking.  You need the right combination of ingredients to ensure the final product will be perfect.  Just like cooking, the art of writing great copy depends on experience, a keen understanding of what goes into the final product, and making it both cost-effective to produce and easy to consume.  

Simplifying the Complex

I am a B2B copywriter who can effectively translate and articulate complicated concepts and processes to your audience.  That takes a special copywriter.  It takes someone with a love of research, someone with writing chops, and someone who has the specific ability to communicate your message to ensure it is absorbed by your prospects and motivates them toward that critical next step to becoming your client.  

Executive Experience with an Everyman Approach

As a banking industry executive with 22 years of experience in service, sales, account management, training, and strategic consultation, I understand the effectiveness and importance of putting the customer first - a philosophy woven into my interactions and throughout everything I create for my clients.  I also know how critical it is to communicate effectively, no matter your audience, cultivating relationships spanning the C-Suite to the mailroom.  What's more, I am a multifaceted writer and someone with the boots-on-the-ground business communication skills you are looking for. 

Time Really CAN Be Money

Projects should be scoped, written, reviewed, and approved on time.  As the author of three published novels, I understand strict adherence to deadlines; I understand working collaboratively and constructively to enhance and improve submissions; and I understand the benefit of being able to guide readers through whatever I'm writing, pointing toward the action I'm asking them to take.  I can both grab readers' interests and keep them reading.  I'm efficient, thorough, and always focused on your bottom line.