Why not have me create a white paper to dramatically communicate with your peers, highlighting your specific industry Thought Leadership?  My experience writing novels and crafting stories is a strength that helps me pull in your readers, explain complicated concepts, and move them to action.

 White Papers

Keep your clients and prospects engaged from the first page telling them 'Your Story', pulling them in closer with outstanding product content and descriptions, all the way to 'Checkout' or compelling them to reach out to you via the 'Contact Us' request for more information.

 Website Copy

 Case Studies

 Can You Write 'This', Too?

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Don't see the exact service you're looking for?  Maybe you've got a different idea kicking around in your head, or you're looking for help with another kind of B2B content (e.g., lead gen emails or ghostwritten byline articles).  Let's talk about it.  There are myriad ways I can help you communicate with your audience.  What do you have in mind?

 Blog Posts 

Lean on me to create that weekly or bi-weekly blog post you can use to keep your clients & prospects informed, educated, and wanting more!  In 500-700 words per post, I can help you say more than you thought possible.  

Let's create a Case Study for a great review of your product or service - straight from your client's mouth.  I write personable, relatable, and confidence-inspiring client experiences.  Don't point your prospect to a random 5-star review when I can craft a case study that is reliable, verifiable, and authentic.